Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mostly Playing with My New Lens!

Well, the weather was pretty overcast today and there weren't many birds but I did manage to see my Buffleheads down at Ft. Fisher.  I haven't put a picture up as I didn't have any worth posting until today.  These birds are probably at least 100 feet away in the water -- white dots for the most part.  So I took lots of pictures of dots today in poor light and was extremely pleased with all the results!

This is the first time I have seen a Black Scoter down at Ft. Fisher.  There was only this one female.  Usually I see a pretty good sized flock by now.  She was barely a speck out in the water.

This bird was only there briefly but I think it is an Eastern Kingbird.  It left pretty quickly.

Just playing but these pelicans were fairly far out and I just snapped a quick bunch of pictures.  Much more detail than I would have gotten with my other lens.

A whole flock of Mourning Doves were eating on my neighbor's lawn.  Snap, snap -- they got their picture taken.  They were at least 30 feet away.

I am pretty sure this is a Savannah Sparrow which is pretty common around here.  It was very late on a cloudy afternoon.  I am very pleased!!


Hopefully, all the people will clear out soon and maybe I will see some more birds.  There has been nothing but American Coots at my usual Carolina Beach Lake.

I am still working on purses and have almost made up the purses from all the "kits" of matching fabric that I made up before I came down here -- using this Kona Bay Japanese style fabric that I bought probably 20 years ago!!


Sandy said...

Awesome detail! I love the photo of the Mourning Doves. We have Collared Doves in our backgarden. much more elegant than the Wood pigeons there as well.
The wood pigeons hang out with the messy starlings who seem to get as much food on the floor as in their gullet - which is a lot! But the pigeon cleans up most of the mess on the floor.
Sandy in the UK

Gail Baker said...

WOW I LOVE your new lens!! Great detail. Lotsa lens envy here! Is your Eastern Kingbird an Eastern Phoebe? or was it fairly big?

Chrissy said...

HI Beth, I love your bird photographs. You mention your new lens - can you give detail as to the size of it please.

Elizabeth said...

I thought it was bigger than the Phoebe but it was really really distant and only saw it for a short time.

The lens is a Canon 100-400 zoom lens. I use a Canon EOS Ti3 with 18 mp. My old lens was a Tamron 27-300 but from what I read, it only was 270 at the zoomed out end.

Chrissy said...

Thank you Beth, I have a Canon too and will check out the lens.