Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quilters by the Sea Guild (QBTS) Christmas Party

This is a Masonic quilt which was made as a surprise gift to the woman's husband.  One of the guild members was asked to hand quilt it.  It took her a number of years and really surprised by husband when she told him about it as the wife who made it had died.

This is the first of four quilts shown by Guild member Betty Van Sickle.  From other meetings, I know this is one prolific quilter and her work is just lovely!!

Another of her quilts -- a NY Beauty!

Yet another and I loved this one as it is so scrappy!!  I may make one of these when I get back to NY!

I do love Stack and Whacks and have probably made 25 myself.  Love the different backgrounds on this one!

This was a friendship quilt given to Francine.  It is totally two sided.  The stars are friendship stars and I really liked this as an idea for a celebration quilt.

And this was a very nice Feathered Star.  Like the subtle gradations in the background color.

All in all, it was a super nice party with lots and lots and lots of food and good company.  I just happened to sit down next to a woman who was from Greece, NY and whose husband had worked at Kodak for many many years -- another small world occurrence in this Guild.  The woman across from me was also from NY!  I think I recruited some new customers for our next GVQC show as several of the women around me had relatives in Rochester!

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