Saturday, December 28, 2013

Just for a change of pace, I thought I would put in a sunrise picture instead of a sunset one.  We now have more of a horizon than before since they tore down that house!  It just amazes me how far south the sun comes in winter.  I hadn't taken a sunset picture from my porch in months. In early fall, I would have to lean way out to capture the sunset as it was almost behind the house.  Now it is really far south and the foreground is entirely different -- houses instead of woods.  We certainly do have pretty sunrises and sunsets down here though!!

This was a late afternoon sun obscured by lots of clouds but enough to shine on the basin and I thought it was worth capturing!

I am back to making some purses with my adaptation of a pattern I had.  Years ago when in San Diego, I bought a whole bunch of 1/3 yard pieces of nice Japanese fabrics probably from Moda.  I am finally using these up with the purses.  These purses have nice deep pockets on the sides, a zipper on top and 2 deep zippered compartments inside.  I sometimes include a hidden zippered pocket on the outside as well.  

Another utilizing the Japanese fabric and some batiks.
Just one more and my least favorite as I think I like a jazzier print for the main part like the above one.  I am going to try to use some of my marbled fabrics to make some bags and will try some new designs as well.

Had to add a picture of my Christmas cactus which is blooming right on schedule for the first time ever.  I left it outside for all the fall months to encourage this good behavior!!  Usually I get two flowers around Mother's Day!!  All but a few flowers were blooming for Christmas.

Birding has not been good this year but there have been a pretty consistent flock of Horned Grebes down at the basin.  The last week, there have just been too many people hanging out at Ft. Fisher.  There have been lots of beautiful Buffleheads in their usual spot by the gazebo.  

Lots of gulls hanging out at Ft. Fisher now.  I noticed that they were not there in the fall as usual but there are certainly back in numbers now -- lots of Ring Billed Gulls and Laughing Gulls with a few Herring Gulls thrown in.

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Suellen Hatada said...

Beautiful sunrise picture! 😊