Sunday, June 10, 2018

Still Whacking the Stacks

Columns are almost all sewn and I really like the looks of this one.  Now to decide on the borders.

I ended up going with the green border, then a thin white one and then this purple which matches the purple in the outer blocks perfectly.  It isn't obvious from the picture however!  This quilt ended up being about 44 x 60 and I used all the blocks.  Not sure i I can give this one up!

Although it may not be obvious, I turned the blocks for this one so that the narrower part is left to right instead of up and down.

I had always liked this fabric and thought it would make a nice stack and whack even though the repeat is very small.  I only cut up half the fabric.  With stack and whack, you cut the fabric down the middle and stack each side separately so it isn't too unwieldy.  I had two yards which was plenty for the eight repeat block.  However, after I cut the blocks up and played with them a bit, I was sure I wasn't going to like the results but you never know!

I finished the first 11 blocks out of the 21 I had and was extremely pleased with how they looked so finished up the rest.

Here are 20 of the 21 blocks.  I left out my least favorite and moved them around until I liked the arrangement.  Now to decide on the backgrounds.  Will I do two colors or one.  Hmmm....  Stay tuned!

One thing I did notice was that some of the blocks were bigger so I will be trimming them all to one size.  I didn't do that with the last bunch of 8 sided ones and the top is a little wonky although I am sure I can quilt out the differences.

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