Thursday, November 19, 2020

I Spy Done !

I had enough of this Christmas fabric for three quilts this size.  I managed to finish two of them but still need to make the blocks for the third.  I used my hand dyed green for the triangles.

I didn't have enough of the green for the second quilt and decided against the red as I would pre-wash and was too lazy to do that!

The second iteration with more of the white.  I have used up 25 yards of white in my latest binge of quilt making and luckily found another huge bolt of white with the dye stains which I just cut around!!  Bad idea to store the whites in the basement!

Each morning I worked on the I Spy quilt and finally decided that 21 rows were enough -- it was beginning to look too long and skinny.  Sewing the rows together was tedious as each row took about 20 pins to make sure everything lined up.

Took this picture with my phone so a little wonky but the top is finished and I still have blocks left over!  I do overachieve in cutting.  I decided the leftover blocks would make good borders on neo-natal quilts.  They were so much work (all that fussy cutting), I want to use them all!  The top measures 40 x 72.

I have been busy the last two days cutting the backs for all the charity quilts, the I Spy quilt and a big quilt that I think will be a Christmas gift.  I cut batting for all these as well (11 tops altogether).  I have spray basted 7 of these.  I actually have consolidated a bit and have three empty boxes (good sized) so must be making some inroads in getting rid of excess fabric!!


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