Sunday, October 19, 2008

Marbling YET Again.....

Well, it is all quilted now!

After several days of all the excitement of getting the new house with a closing only a couple of weeks away, I am back with my marbling (of course). It is really so much fun to just throw colors down and see what happens. Sometimes you get some wonderful surprises! Today I decided (after finding yet another book in my marbling books stash) that perhaps I was crowding too much color on the size so I backed off a bit. Decided I liked the look of too much color better! The only thing I can emphasize over and over again is make sure you have a lot of difference in values -- just color difference won't do it, especially with the marbling!

I spent the better part of yesterday collecting those novelty prints and have been fussy cutting motifs each night! I did take a brief respite last night to FINALLY finish quilting the pelican. I am moderately pleased but will quilt "background" differently the next time -- more variety of line. It works but it could be improved. Now the next big decision is do I bind or just use facing? I will take it to my committee of two to help me decide tomorrow. I would love to hang the pelican in the new beach house but am afraid it would fly away with a tenant -- maybe just hang it while I am there!

The committee did decide and we all chose to go with a thin black binding which kinds of contains all the blue. I really do regret the way I quilted it as I wish I had used a smoother curve but no way am I going to undo it!

This was a second print taken from one of the leftovers. I got two prints from almost everything today. By the end of the day, I only had about 1/8 of an inch of size left and it didn't even come all the way to the sides. My problem is now that I can no longer find the white large trash bags locally so will have to order some more from the internet. I use these to surround the size in a box that I really like. It makes cleanup easier.

These next two are probably my favorites. I did my usual compressions and then added in some colors that were not very aggressive and then took quick prints.

These are two more of the same and I really like this effect so will do more. I was pretty productive all in all.

This was the first print from the new size and really was just three colors, a few strokes of a broomstraw and then a print. The first prints are never just what I want but this one isn't too bad as it has some nice dark lines.

The ladies called this one a brain MRI. A little different to say the least!

This is just more of the compressed and then speckled with color. I do like the look of these as they almost stand on their own as compositions. This was probably my favorite.


Vicki W said...

I think your pelican looks great. It stands out well from the ebackground. Thanks so much for making me buy a book with marbeling instructions! LOL!

QuilterB said...

Thanks Vicki! I hope you enjoy your marbling -- I obviously enjoy it too much!