Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And the Awards Go To......

Best Art Quilt in the Blank Challenge by Pat Pauly. This was my favorite piece in the whole show even though it was small. I loved the color and line -- very soothing.

Because there were so many fantastic quilts in the GVQC quilt show and also because my quilts didn't win any, I decided we needed some more awards! (Please keep in mind, these awards reflect only my opinion and certainly take nothing away from the quilts that won the other awards.)

The quilt shown above with the detail below is my pick for Best Applique and Best of Show and it did also win at the show. It is by Shirley Frew.

Best Use of Blank Challenge Fabric in Design

These next two are tied for Best Use of Fabric in the Stack and Whack Technique. The first is by Dorothy Brotsch -- the new queen of Stack and Whack and the second by Barb Sassano.

Best Graphic Design in a Contemporary Quilt

Best Hand Quilting in a Large Quilt by Ann Nash.

Most Prolific Quilter of Truly Incredible Quilts goes to Chris Wickert. This quilt raised money for a charitable organization and is all hand quilted. She had several stunning quilts in this show.

Best Hand Quilting in a Small Quilt by Toni Foster. We expect nothing less from this phenomenal designer and quilter.

Best Machine Quilting on a Wall Hanging by Val Schultz. A lot of the prize winning quilts had long arm quilting by this talented woman. You must double click to see the detail. Pam Peet designed and made the top which is beautiful on its own!

Best Use of Borders in a Quilt by Linda Bachman. I kept going back to this quilt with its magical colors.

Best Adaptation of a Fall Migration pattern to Pat Pauly who is without peer in color and design.

Best Adaptation of a GVQC Class in this piece started in a class with Sharon Craig. The choice of fabrics and the machine quilting done by Jeanne Simpson are stunning.

Best Use of Vintage Fabrics in this quilt by Me. Of course, it was only one of two using vintage fabrics but what the heck!! (Told you I would win something.)

Best Machine Quilting in a Large Quilt by Teddy Ahern. Teddy and Val Schultz are two incredibly talented long arm quilters in the Rochester area and this showed in the number of winners that had quilting by these two ladies!

I didn't even attempt to award any additional awards in the art quilt category as there were just too many to choose from!

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