Sunday, June 28, 2009

Maverick Marbler.......

Yea, sometimes the combs are fun to use and get traditional marbling patterns; but, it is a lot more fun to just play and see what kind of mischief you can do!

Yesterday, I just about ran out of all the ugly fabric that I had alum-ed and decided to do a few pairs of baby socks for my new granddaughter and also some just plain whites again (just got an additional thirty yards of my favorite dyeing and marbling fabric in the mail). So I alum-ed up 4 yards of the fabric and six pairs of baby sox. That will give me 16 nice fat quarters of fabric to play with. I made a good start today! Using the white fabrics, you get so many of the subtleties that you miss on the colored fabric -- of course the messes show more too! Of course, I have found a bunch more of the discarded fabric to play with as well but the rain showers have returned so it is not a good time to hang things outside!

This is just a kind of boring piece with all the different blues that I have. It looks better in person and magnified a bit!

This was the volcano that developed after I dunked the socks in the middle of the bath and then added a little more color. The colors were all rushing toward the middle to fill in the empty space.

This was some more of the stripes. The ultramarine blue is a pretty aggressive color and tends to compress everything else. The other colors will make it shift for awhile but the blue again takes over!

Again, more of the blue with browns in the background. I had first covered the size with the various browns using whisks and then dropped eyedroppers of the various shades of blue that I have and then whisked some yellow on at the end.

More of the stripes. These really do look better in person!

Of course, the boys are always looking for new entertainment so they discovered the jacuzzi with a bell ball in it. It seems you can play endlessly but Cheney just prefers to sit and watch George go for it!

George is having a bad couple of days as he is snarfling again and his eyes are a bit irritated again. He is such a lovely friendly cat except for the darned herpes virus which he will probably have forever. He is one of the unlucky kitties who shows the symptoms forever. It doesn't seem to affect his appetite though and he loves to play! We keep our fingers crossed that he will grow out of it some day!

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