Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Stripes are Coming!

Well, back to the basement again as the weather is just gorgeous out and I can hang things outside again! I had a change of course that started with this first piece. I had quite a few pieces of this nondescript dyed kind of dark pink fabric so I thought I would play with dropping color in areas and then adding a stone pattern on top. Of course that evolved to stripes and I think I will find those very, very useful. I will play some more with this.

So here are my first attempts at the stripes on this dark pink fabric. I placed the stripes so that I can cut across them on the long side of the fabric.

I didn't add as much color with this one and think I like the more color ones better.

These two pieces are the front and back sides of one piece which I liked a lot both ways! It was again on this very pink fabric. There was a lot of color on this one so that back has a lot on it as well.

Just a plain old stone pattern on an icky old green.

These are the before and after of a class piece I made some time ago and had no use for. I was practicing making black marks with thickened dyes. I think it is much improved with the marbling over it (there is only so much you can do with a piece like this!). The black lines are broken up a little


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Your fabrics are really incredible!