Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Auditioning Process

Major progress is being made on the serendipity quilt and here are the different blocks that make up the quilt.  There are basically three different variations of the same pattern -- only the colors are different.  Above are some of the fabrics that may end up filling in the little triangle spaces around the small hexagons.

This is a display of all of the interlocking hexagon blocks that will be  used between the large stars in the "background".  I have arranged them so that the predominantly blue ones are on the left and the ones with more overall warm colors are on the right.

Just in case you are curious, this is the fabric from which all the hexagons and star blocks were made.  I had a little over two yards -- as the repeat was about 12 inches, I only used two yards which makes 10 stars and 35 hexagons.  So I will have 5 hexagons left over at the end. This is all based on a 3 1/2 inch triangle (or 3 1/4 inch star).

Well, here I have finished all the blocks and am laying out my first guess as to where to place the "background" hexagon blocks.  I have put the darker blue ones on the outside and the brighter reddish/orange ones around the center two stars.

Here I decided to try out the dark blue around the outside hexagons and the pale yellow around the brighter colored hexagons in the middle.  Just didn't do it for me!

Here I decided to replace the inner most yellow triangles with orange, just leaving the points yellow.  I also thought it might be interesting to have bowtie like places so the extra yellow triangles.  Still have that dark blue on the outside but am not liking it -- but do like the orange in the middle and the dark blue hexagon blocks here and the brighter ones now making up the corners -- much better.

Ah, found the medium blue that I bought the other day and tried it out on the outside blocks -- bingo!
I will add a strip of this to either side and then put on the border.  

This is the top half of the quilt with all the final colorations.  The triangular areas at the top will also have the medium blue.  You can see the stripey fabric that I created with leftover 1 1/2 strips last time I was down here -- that will be in the border I think...  Now to sew it all together!

The weather is again warm and sunny and the parking lot was full almost at the lake today.  Here is a pair of Lesser Scaups -- male in front and the female behind him.  They were hanging out with two Red Headed Ducks and the Coots.

The Red Heads were hanging out with the Coots again today.

It was late in the afternoon when I left Carolina Beach Lake and I couldn't resist taking a picture looking out over the lake toward where the sun would eventually set!

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Silvia said...

Your Serendipity quilt is beautiful! I like very much this technique: I did a lap quilt with a fabric which had beautiful colors, but a "difficult" pattern (it was so seasonal!). I like your choice of colors!