Friday, January 20, 2012

I Had a Great Name for this Quilt but I Forgot It!

This is the first block of this next quilt.  There has been a lot of experimenting to get colors I wanted.  It is a variation of one of the blocks in the Sara Nephew Doubledipity book.
The second block is done and beginnings of the third block.  I ended up with five variations on the block by the end and then the challenge of combining them into something that didn't look random.
This is block  number 2 which just has different colors than one or two.
This is the third block which is a further variation on the variation!  It is up to 90 pieces for the block which is about 16 inches across.
This is the fourth block.  Do you see something amiss?  Luckily I saw that I had sewed one of the diamonds upside down before I put the whole thing together.  It wasn't until I was looking through the pictures that I noticed it!

Moving right along and trying to decide on final placement before finishing the coloring of the fourth and fifth blocks.  The orange and blue ones are rather bright so I tried to tone those down a bit!!
Here I tried out black in the background and had the bright red background hexagon blocks in the four corners.  I had really thought I would have black in this quilt but it wasn't to be -- too stark.  I had also tried a very wide variety of colors in the background triangles before deciding on the leftovers from some other triangles I had cut for the center blocks.  They had the reverse coloration of the ones in the block.

This is the final configuration of the quilt. As I have mentioned, I don't have a good way to photo anything big here as my design walls are 4 ft x 4 ft.  There are dark blue strips to be done down the sides and then a great border fabric I had in my stash down here.  I haven't sewn the strips together yet.  Before adding the final borders it is about 55 x 85 inches.

I have the beginnings of a fourth quilt top -- it has a totally different palette and I really don't have any of the fabrics it needs so it may only get started down here.  I have tons of the fabrics that would go with it at home and I don't want to buy more....  

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Sue said...

This quilt is just stunning! I can't believe how quickly you seem to be cranking these out!