Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter and the Buffleheads Finally Arrived!

This ended up being the best picture of the Buffleheads who I saw for the first time this afternoon at my "secret beach".  Warren had called me from his walk to tell me there was a large mixed flock of ducks down near Ft. Fisher so I hopped in the car with my camera and sure enough -- Buffleheads and Scaups.

The male Buffleheads are much more graphic looking with a large amount of stark white on their heads and chests while the females  have smaller markings.  What I didn't realize was that there heads on top have that irridescent green that so many of the ducks have.

You can see the striking white on the males here.  They were out quite a distance.

On this picture, you can see the irridescence on the heads of the male Buffleheads.

 This is the first of the center blocks finished on the new "serendipity" quilt.  It took quite a bit longer than the blocks in the last quilt and I realized why after counting the pieces -- this block has 72 pieces whereas the other only had 48!  It is surprisingly easyt to make though even will all the little points.
This is the first of the outside blocks.  I am beginning to question my fabric choices because of what color I am going to  use as a background that will match both of the blocks and show...hmmm..

I finally turned on the heat this morning so I wouldn't have to listen to a complaining cold husband!  I did take my walk today and had to wear a winter coat for the first time but it was tolerable -- didn't need a hat or gloves but not any other walkers today!  There were Canada geese though as well as Scaups and Buffleheads (which I had never seen at the lake before).  I think all the ducks were trying to get out of the wind.

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