Sunday, January 22, 2012

Final Serendipity Quilt

Finally getting to the end of the fabric I brought down to the beach house to work on Serendipity quilts.  This is the last piece and the repeat is about 27 inches so there will be a larger quilt and certainly  a more subdued one as you can see from this palette.  I am currently thinking of greens (do have those) and some very muted tans, browns and rusty red.  There may be a flash of muted purple in there as well.

Tomorrow I head off on a long drive to Florida to visit my sister.  She has a full week planned of quilt shops and birds and just hanging out with her and her lovely husband!  She did make the mistake of asking me to bring stuff for show and tell....  We will also be hitting a quilt shop that is going out of business -- I tend to find my best fabrics for these radial symmetry kind of quilts in places like that  -- sometimes the ugly big prints just work the best!  

As soon as I return, guests will be arriving from home so all quilting on my part will be off the table for awhile!  Most of today was spent trying to pick up a bit and packing for the trip!

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