Friday, March 30, 2012

Colin is Completely Finished -- Okay, No Label Yet But....

Finally, Colin is all done.  He is still a little damp in the upper right hand corner from my spraying and blocking!  So now, my quandary -- I would really like to somehow get this raffled off somewhere with the proceeds going to Oxfamamerica which is one of the causes that Colin and his wife support (and with which I wholeheartedly agree ).  Just my name on this just isn't going to do it -- it needs some kind of publicity.  And here is my problem.  I used a photo I found on the internet initially.  As some of you may remember, I had hoped to get a picture of my own for this project but none were good enough.  I managed to track down the photographer and the organization that may own the copyright.  Two notes to the photographer have met with no answer.  His name is Jason Redmond.  I have now sent a note to Reuters (the photo attribution said it was taken for Reuters) and hopefully they will answer me although I am not holding my breath here.  Very frustrating!  I won't enter it into any larger shows without that permission even though I could probably use the photo under Fair Use in the copyright laws.  I certainly never want to make a cent personally on it.  So if any of you have any brilliant ideas, know Jason or have a friend at Reuters, let me know!!  Otherwise, I may just enter it into local shows and then send it off to his publicist in England.  I obviously adore Colin but for some reason feel no great attachment to this quilt even though it is autographed.  It is one of my favorite pictures of him though.

This is a closeup of the background quilting which I varied in each block.  I wanted the quilting to not really detract from the images so I chose thread the same color.  You can see the quilting very well closeup, but Colin's face almost disappears when  you view it close up so that makes me happy.  I like quilts that give you surprises when you look at them close up which you don't see at a distance.  

Well, am ready to start on some more of the Serendipity quilts and have been playing a great deal with EQ6 to do this.  Here was a composite of some of the colorations and different blocks I may use.  Kind of got the illusion of the background hexagons.  I will obviously use this merely as a guideline to give me some ideas.  I have done as many as 15 colorations of each of these blocks, just to see which ones I liked the best.  I thought this was kind of an  unusual set as well.

I will be heading to my daughter's in Charlotte in a couple of weeks and will need projects to do down there -- such a compulsive doer.  

Of course, doing a quilt of all my ducks is also rattling around in my head and may make it down onto paper before too long as well.  Trying to come to grips with the fact that I would like different "poses" for the ducks!

Took a walk around the block today as it is supposed to snow tonight which should put a damper on all the spring flowers.  The forsythia are almost gone and our magnolia seems to be the only one in the neighborhood that didn't have its blooms frozen by a very cold night earlier this week.

The aforementioned magnolia.

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moonberrie said...

You are so talented! This is amazing!! Keep up the awesome work. :D