Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Using Electric Quilt 6 (EQ6) to Draft My Serendipity Patterns

Well, thanks to a fellow RAFA member, I finally have the key to drafting the blocks from the Serendipity patterns into Electric Quilt.  I should add that I bought EQ1 from Penny McMorris the first day of the Houston show back when it was first introduced.  It sold out by the next day!!  I have been a faithful upgrader since then (although I haven't been able to reinstall my EQ7 since my computer was "cleaned" of its viruses last June).  I had no idea how to draft these hexagon blocks though and that truly frustrated me as I am so  used to using EQ to test out color combinations or roughly right borders.  It has saved a lot of cutting of fabric only to be wasted when it didn't work.

I sat down for a couple of hours yesterday and today using the book  I mentioned yesterday.  These are all the blocks in the Doubledipity book (by Sara Nephew) that use a star in the middle (well, the super simple one I didn't bother with).  I haven't truly played with the colors yet but am excited as using this, I can really make the blocks look different depending on what colors and especially values I am using where.

Of course, I haven't added the background hexagons but suspect if I fiddle a bit I can do that as well somehow.  When I feel like playing computer geek, may attempt that.  Also want to get the sizing so I can vary the size of the blocks beyond the base 3 1/4 inch diamonds and 3 1/2 triangles I am using now.

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