Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcoming Spring at Marcia's

Another gorgeous day here in Upstate and here is a quilt top to welcome the season officially.  Priscilla has declared that since she is officially a quilter now, she has to build a portfolio.  This beautiful quilt is made with mostly (if not all) Kaffe Fassett fabric and is inspiring!  Certainly looks like spring too!

This is the center of a new quilt top which was begun in a class at QBL last summer.  Priscilla has a knack for color for sure.  Before the day was out, this had a bit of blue to square it off and another alteration was in progress!

The center portion was a beautifully made cross-stitch piece that Priscilla purchased.  After many auditions, we all decided that the it didn't need anything more than the colorful Hoffman feathers print around the outside.  I LOVED this fabric.

These were my projects for the day.  My granddaughter loved the dresses I made for Christmas, particularly the primarily yellow one so I decided to send off two more for summer wearing.  They have kitties on the prints.  Hopefully, she will like the lime green as well as I added some of this to both!  I only have to hem and add some buttons and they will be done!

It was a lovely day catching up on Marcia's recent Florida trip and Priscilla and my travelling plans!  

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