Monday, May 14, 2018

GVQC May Meeting - Leni Wiener Speaker

My pictures aren't great as I was just too far back and couldn't get the exposures right.  We started off with an amazing show of the 53 comfort quilts that were turned in -- amazing!!  There were so many different ones and I only got a few and missed my favorite one!

The following are some of the comfort quilts turned in!

There were lots of nice quilts (as usual) during show and tell.  As usual I don't have most of the names!

I loved this baby quilt.

This was one of my favorites and an inspiration for what to do with some of those nice large prints.

This was a gorgeous large quilt done by Marcia E on commission.  She is the daughter of one of our long time members!

Leni Wiener (pronounced Winer) was our guest speaker.  The two pictures I have here were both from her slide presentation.  I was sitting so far back, I took pics so I could see what was on the slides!  She specializes in figural applique and this is a quilt featuring her son.

This showed how she took two of her photographs and combined the images to make the quilt she wanted!

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