Thursday, May 24, 2018

Stack and Whack Fever Continues....

It is almost impossible to get good pictures of this quilt top as there are flecks of gold both in the main fabric and in the green that I am using.  It really is a lot nicer looking in person than in my pictures -- it looks lacy almost and the green is very subtle.  It was almost impossible to find a green that would work just like the last fabric I used.  I started deciding I would do one with 24 blocks in a 4 x 6 arrangement resulting in a quilt that is about 48 x 70.  

I just didn't like the proportions on the above arrangement so decided on a 4 x 5 arrangement which is more pleasing to my eye.  Here it is all sewn together but without the borders.

Here I have added the first border around the whole quilt.  It is just an extension of the pattern I used for the sashing.  

I wanted a darker fabric to border the whole quilt and this one fit the best.  It again has gold flecks in it nd multiple shades of green.  This closeup shows the blocks more closely and you can see the colors more closely.  I haven't decided how wide to make that final border though.

I had decided to keep
the first one for myself and to make the remaining 16 blocks into a quilt to give away and decided on this arrangement.  I decided that I wanted it narrower even though that left me with four orphan blocks.

This felt more pleasing to me and also simplifies the backing as I can use just one width of fabric.

The four remaining blocks I will make into a small quilt.  I haven't decided which blocks will be in this vs. the previous quilt.  Hopefully, they will get down tomorrow.

Again, you can see how pretty these blocks are in this closeup.

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