Tuesday, July 10, 2018

End of the Veggies -- Last Call

This ended up being 73 x 73 inches which is a good bed size.  I will have to do some interesting quilting in the large whitish areas around the outside.  I managed to piece what little bit of the vegetable fabric I had left into borders.  

.This is the last of the veggie stack and whack fabric with one small octagon left over so pretty good for using everything.  It will be about 44 x 52 when finished and I already found some backing for it.  Got to get down to business and cut some batting and backings for all these tops and get busy basting.

The inside is finished.  Now to just decide on borders.

Found a green/yellow tatik that seemed to be just fine for that outside border.

This is the fabric for the next in the series.  It is butterflies and the repeat was about 12 inches so I did 3 1/2 inch triangles which I will make into hexagonal blocks.

Got a start on this one yesterday afternoon.  I am having surgery on my other eye tomorrow so who knows how much sewing I will be doing with two eyes out of commission.  My already done eye can see pretty well closeup with my glasses but still  little fuzzy in the mornings.  I know my crosswords will have to wait awhile to get done after this next surgery which will hopefully go better than the first one!!    If I put the computer screen about six inches from that eye, I can read it!!  

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