Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Mystery Quilt Complete!

This is the Mystery Quilt which I finally completed after ripping out more stitches than I sewed the last couple of days.  This is a classic example of "haste makes waste".  Normally, when I get this frustrated, I just give up and wait for another day.

I went over to my friend Marcia's house and worked on this quilt.  We did so much talking, however, that I had to finish it at home.  I will not add another border but will bind with a nice dark blue, green or purple.  It measures about 40 x 50 (10 inch blocks).

This is Millie.  She is a feral momma cat that lived in Marcia's barn for years and years.  She finally let Marcia pet her and a couple of years ago actually came into the house.  She liked it so well, she never left!!  She now even tolerates visitors and came to visit a couple of times while we were working!  

This is Casper who was a kitty that someone dumped.  He is super friendly and a lovely kitty.  He is deaf though but has blossomed from a scrawny kitty to a big white puffball whose weight we shall not mention!!

This is the beginning of another house quilt.  I made four strips of greens and used 45 degree and 60 degree rulers to cut out the shapes.  If I make 2 more 60 degree triangles, I will have enough for two more house quilts.  I have enough "kits" of houses to put together to make at least two quilts as well.  It is a great use of shorter 2 inch strips.  So now to just add the tree trunks!!

I liked the set so well for the mystery quilt, I created an EQ8 quilt with it as I think it would be an ideal set for some of my mandalas so I just played with some blocks that looked like the mandalas just to get an ideal.  I think it will really work!

I have been going through all my fabrics and found a shelf full that I hadn't seen in awhile (blocked behind a plastic box!).  I had forgotten that I had bought a bunch of these beautiful Sherrill Kahn fabrics she did for Robert Kaufman.  They are so pretty, I will probably use large chunks in whatever I decide to do.  I have a couple of her books which are about painting on fabrics.

Also my friend Julia is selling some of my mandalas on ETSY.  Here is a link to one of the recent additions-  One of my mandalas.  If you click on her store, you will see more.  The ones currently shone are all about 21 inches square and we will be adding the 11 inch squares next week.  We shall see how it goes!!   

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