Friday, August 30, 2019

Radial Symmetry Part 3

Well, the second of this type of stack and whack is done.  It really is different from the first one and there is only one duplicate block that I can see between the two -- 48 blocks altogether.  I think I am going to pass on making the third one of this type for a bit although I have all the components together in a baggie for future use.

Am driving myself crazy trying to come up with some arrangements for these blocks which I really love!  I wish I kept better track of the colors I used!

I tried this with just five blocks as that would make a somewhat commercial pattern.  I have been playing in EQ8 but a little tricky with this set.

I thought I would try with these blocks first as they are not quite as "precious" to me.  I do this color combination a lot.

Liked it as a 5 block arrangement.  I want to do something fancy in those triangular areas.  Will probably just put sashing around that middle block.

I had a nicely stacked foursome of fabrics left over from the blocks in the previous two quilts so I decided to cut into 3 1/2 inch squares.  There was enough for 16 blocks so I figured I would make this arrangement and then put the shadows behind them as the set.  

Well, the first change was that I decided to frame each block to make them larger.  This was going to be a neonatal quilt.  But then..,

I decided it didn't look like a neonatal type quilt so I would make it for the other charitable group I work with in NC.  So now I have one extra block to join the orphan block bin!

So now to audition the borders.  I assumed I would repeat that blue but didn't like it when I looked at it and decided to try to find a light blue like the blue in the blocks.

So here is the blue I found in the stash.

Another one finished and this is 40 x 60 inches.  I kind of like it.  

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