Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dualing Blogs!!

Well, maybe I will be the first one to get some pictures out from our day at Marcia's. The dualing blogs refers to the fact that Priscilla Kibbee (Priscilla.kibbee) and Marcia (DeCampStudio) both have blogger blogs as well as me and we are always putting up similar pictures from our days working together.

It was a great day. Marcia is on the home stretch with her jacket (and we nagged her that she HAS to have it done by the next time we see her in a couple of weeks). It is down to her much disliked hand stitching (a lot of whining there).

Priscilla is at the very beginning of an ice cream treat jacket that has a mola on the back with a pelican giving an ice cream cone out. I didn't get a picture of that so hopefully Priscilla will have one on her blog.

This is the Yellowstone 2 piece totally quilted and bound. Photographing it in Marcia's studio shows up the stitching nicely. Double click on the picture and you can see the stitching closer.

I did take my Yellowstone 2 piece out for show and tell as Marcia hadn't seen it finished and I did start it in her very studio last fall. I primarily worked on the slash and burn project which is very different from the original concept.

These are the first pieces. I have since moved all the light green pieces up to the upper left hand corner. I am envisioning some sort of abstract flower images in the lower right. It is at the point of deciding what it want's to do and I just follow along guessing at the direction it is taking.

The best part of the day was Marcia's "show and tell" of her two weeks at Nancy Crow's barn. You MUST see her blog( to see some of the pieces she has been working on. She shared her progress plus personal pictures of some of the class pieces (which she can't show in her blog). It was just great!

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