Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Day at Highland Park Before the Lilac Festival

Well, we decided we should get to the park before the Festival begins as we had heard that the lilacs were in bloom. For those who are not familiar with the park, it was designed by Frederick Ohlmstead who was also the designer of Central Park in NYC. It is a wonderful place to walk around on a cool spring day (or most anytime for that matter except when the Lilac Festival is in full swing and it is crowded). Just old and a little cranky about crowds!

The amazing thing was to see magnolias, forsythia and the lilacs all out at the same time. Usually, there is an orderly progression with the forsythia coming out first, then magnolias and then the lilacs a bit later. Because of all the warmth the last couple of weeks, it was a profusion of color with forsythia in the foreground and lilacs in the background.
A beautiful white dogwood in full bloom.
Japanese weeping cherries are one of my favorite spring sights!
This is the path through the brilliantly colored magnolias -- everything from creamy white to dark rich rose color.

This was Mr. Cardinal who was singing his heart out trying to capture a lady friend. He was certainly bright colored and melodic!

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Holly said...

Hi Beth! Thanks for posting on my blog and for visiting it. I've actually been to yours before. Loved seeing the guild's quilts today and the lilac shots. You folks are a little ahead of us Syracuse folks. One year I hope to get up to your lilac festival so I'll have to remember to ask you ahead of time if they'll be blooming exactly during that week!