Monday, May 12, 2008

Remind Me Never to Complain about Rochester Weather Again!

Another beautiful day but it never gets boring!

Well, after much struggling, I decided that I had to hand quilt my 30's "extreme" sampler, so I began last night. Because of rotator cuff problems the last time I did a massive quilting effort, I am taking Jane Townswick's advice and using very short threads and additionally I am propping up my quilting arm and using forceps to pull the needle through the tough areas. I may regret this as there are soooo many pieces and the quilting will be in the ditch for the most part! I just couldn't bring myself to machine quilt it even though it would be a lot faster. It just didn't feel like the right thing to do with this quilt. Now to just figure out how to get the sashing quilted in equal distances without pencil lines.....masking tape just doesn't seem to be doing it!

Well, due to my schizophrenic nature, I am also working on finally finishing the piece I started in the Pat Pauly Slash and Burn workshop from a zillion years ago. Of course, it is taking a very different course than originally. It all looked like background to me and I have already slashed from what I had. I have gathered a grouping of fabrics that I think will form the nucleus of the new piece which will be a bit representational (as usual) but pretty abstract (I am thinking, but who knows what the fabrics will tell me to do once I start reassembling).

This is the biggest piece I had done. I have actually already cut that into about 4 pieces as I didn't like the big blocks of the light color -- just wanted them smaller.
This is the pile of fabrics that I took from my stash to "enhance" the idea. The oranges will be my foreground somehow.

Weight Watchers is going very well. I went to Applebees for my favorite meal for which I had budgeted quite a few "points" (Sante Fe Chicken Salad). Upon getting there, I looked at the WW's menu and discovered a dish with lo fat cheese and no fat salad dressing. So I got them to substitute those in my regular salad (which was not on the WW menu) and reduced 5 points out of the meal (for anyone who has done WW, you know this is a huge reduction!). I was very happy to say the least as it tasted just the same to me!!

Weight Watchers is MUCH easier than it was 20 years ago when I last went. Besides the program being more of a learning experience, the food that is available now with the new health consciousness is fantastic!! It has taken some concentration to shop with my little points converter but as I said a "learning experience".

Of course it just wouldn't be my blog without a few flower pictures!!

These are our azaleas which we moved from the shade to the sun last summer and for the first time, we have blazing color!!

These forget-me-nots actually cover our front lawn now and Warren won't mow the knee high grass until they are starting to droop (much to the neighbor's dismay).

These were also "volunteers" like our forget-me-nots. Our neighbor gave us the seeds from many of her columbine last summer. I do love the flower!!

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