Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday at RAFA Meeting

RAFA stands for Rochester Area Fiber Artists. We are a group of about 45 women who meet monthly to share and promote our love of fiber arts - primarily quilting but certainly not limited to quilting as we have wide diversity of interests from doll making and felting and wearable art to knitting and hooking rugs. A number of us are also heavily into surface design techniques of all and any kind!

This is Barb Magin's quilt from Pat Pauly's Slash and Burn class. This was one of my favorites from the class! (I love the colors)
This is Nancy Hicks' quilt from the same class as above. Nice use of neutrals and line.
This is Linda Bachman's which I also liked a lot. Let's face it -- I really liked all that was done in this class -- much better than my previous attempts!!
This is actually a quilt done from a kit that Nancy Hicks purchased. She was happy that she did as the investment for the individual fabrics would have been enormous -- it looked like it was all batiks.

This was an example of faces that Nancy Hicks has done. She taught this class down in the Binghamton area after some people saw her work!

The above chartreuse abstract is another of Janet Root's fantastic pieces.

This is another of Linda Bachman's quilt. This one was from the 4-Patch class that Pat Pauly taught in January. This has certainly changed since the last time I saw it up on the design wall!
This is a kind sized quilt that Sarah Terry did -- quite stunning!

I am only sorry that I didn't get pictures of everyone's pieces but some just didn't hold them up long enough for this aged photographer to get a shot. I especially would have liked pictures of Pat Faulkner's horse and Donna Patrick's beautiful Nuno felted scarves -- I was too busy looking at those to snap a picture!

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