Sunday, May 25, 2008

Genesee Riverwalk on a Perfect Spring Day

For those of you who haven't yet walked the wonderful path along the Genesee River in Charlotte, get on those hiking shoes!! It is an easy beautiful walk through woods and then across a lengthy boardwalk that crosses over the marshes. It was amazing that there were not more people out on this holiday weekend -- it is indeed one of Rochester's treasures.

This is my daughter Zann from Seattle with Warren just before the boardwalk part of the pathway. They were waiting for me poking along.

This is one of the many mallards that were along the way. There were even some babies off in the distance.

This is a mama-to-be mute swan slipping off the nest for a minute so we could get pictures of her eggs.

This is dad keeping an eye on what mom was doing and also clearing a pathway to the main pond area. He was very busy while we were watching.

This was looking down the river toward the lake from one end of the boardwalk area.
These were some of the many pretty wildflowers that I saw along the way. I think they are wild geraniums but not sure about that!

I have no idea what these bushes cascading with pink blossoms were. They were also in white and looked like honeysuckle but I always thought that was a vine.

I just liked the lacey appearance of these fragile flowers.

This is the view down the boardwalk area. You can see it wasn't very crowded which is fine with me!!

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