Thursday, May 8, 2008

May Genesee Valley Quilt Meeting

Karen K. Stone was our speaker today at quilt club and I can't say enough positive about her as a speaker!! She was fun and funny and I look forward to having an evening with her tonight!! (I actually had the gall to go back to our program person and ask to be reinvited as I had turned her down when she asked a few weeks ago because of being such a new Weight Watcher).

This is a quilt top made from silk tie pieces that Karen accumulated from various thrift shops.

Besides having Karen as our speaker, there were some especially luscious quilts at our show and tell today as well. I have included a couple of those but unfortunately can't give credit to the quilters for all of them as I couldn't read the names on most of them.

This was a particularly beautiful quilt made by Toni Foster and exhibited at Paducah. Toni has an incredible talent for color and design in traditional quilts as well as being one of the finest craftspeople out there!!! What a talent!

This was a quilt using embroidery designs (machine) that was going to be used as a class sample in one of the local fabric shops.
This was a particularly nice applique quilt which a couple of the ladies in the quilt held up for me so I could take a picture!
This was one of my all time favorite "stack and whack" quilts. I have made so many of these myself but though this was an extremely nice one and made me want to do still more!
This was a very nice sampler quilt in some of my favorite colors. I really thought it was a particularly nice one. Again forgive me for not having the quilters' names for all these quilts!

The above are really nice examples of Karen K. Stone's designs. Her color palette is wonderful and the designs are so vibrant. She trained as a musician (piano) and I had really expected a rather conservative and serious person. Boy, was I wrong! She had lots of pets, lots of funny stories and was extremely personable. It was wonderful to spend the evening with her and others from the quilt club at Pat Pauly's wonderful house.

I did go to Weight Watchers for the first time in probably close to 20 years and my how it has changed!! I found I can easily incorporate my own way of living into their way of doing things without feeling deprived at all -- just have to break a couple of bad habits (like having your favorite foods EVERY day!) So I went out to dinner last night and ate just about what I normally would have eaten -- just skipped the rice and ate fewer tortilla chips than I normally would have. I am going out again tonight and taking a nice chicken caesar salad with me and some diet pop! No problem there!!

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