Monday, April 28, 2008

A Day at Priscilla's

These are the Japanese cherry blossoms that fill our driveway with color every spring.
Well, our summer is now a distant memory and it rained and barely reached 50 today! Although I took the weekend off from blogging, didn't stop me from taking more and more and more flower pictures!
So I added the last of the flowers for awhile. I spent the day today with my friend Priscilla Kibbee and worked on my newest jacket which was a relief after spending most of the weekend machine quilting the second Yellowstone piece as I want it for a quilt show in the fall.

The Bartlett pear trees were loaded with blossoms this weekend and I thought they were rather pretty.
This is an ultra closeup of the wild violets which grow amid the moss in our front yard and in our neighbor's backyard.
This was another wildflower making itself known in our front lawn.
This is Ms. Tiger who was our companion while sewing today. Any time the conversation stopped for a bit, she piped right up with her views which were mostly that she was hungry and attention starved, neither of which are very accurate.
This is one of my favorite wall hangings at Priscilla's. Her house is just filled with wonderful art from around the world from all her travels. I always see something that I haven't seen on a previous visit.
This is the full sized Yellowstone piece and if you double click you may see how much I have quilted (the top half at least).
This shows a closeup of the stitching in the piece which is not obvious until you walk right up to it! Well, guess that is the way it should be. It flattened it down nicely.

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