Friday, April 18, 2008

Pamela's Flower Origami Class

I have to start by saying that all the pictures were taken with my new improved camera which replaces an older model. As an aside, when I got home from the class, a note was on my pc that my old camera had been found in Atlanta. I have to call on Monday (they are closed this weekend) and I hoping that it is that camera as I will then have all my pictures from Las Vegas!!

Well, besides drop dead gorgeous weather outside, we had a wonderful day inside playing lots with fabric and making origami style flowers.

Our teacher was Pamela Langdon who is a GVQC member and is an expert on the making of these flowers. Kumiko Sudo who is the author of a number of books on making flowers was one of Pamela's students here in Rochester and so she learned before the books were even published in English! She has permission from Kumiko to use illustrations from the books. As all of us who didn't have the books already are going to buy them, this was a wise decision!! They are great books. The "flowers" we made all came from the book called Flower Origami by Kumiko Sudo and you can get it about anywhere.

We basically made seven different flowers in the class so we were moving right along as there was a fair amount of hand stitching. I brought with me a Featherweight sewing machine that I had never used and after two false starts, it hummed right along like FWs always do!! It is the Canadian model so is tan instead of the usual black or off white. I really enjoyed the class and the company -- Donna and I shared a table -- neither of us had known the other would be there!

These were all the beautiful samples that Pamela brought with her.

This was a group shot of Mary Wieser, her mom and Donna Patrick -- my tablemate.

This was the table at the end with most of our flowers on it. Rory's were at the other end!

This is a closeup of six of the seven blocks I did. One of the blocks can be split into two pieces (it was made in two pieces) so we really had eight blocks altogether and were really moving!! We used octagons, hexagons, pentagons and circles.

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