Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Beautiful Spring Day!!

Well, here is Warren working diligently while I run around with my camera taking pictures!!

This is one of the first trilliums out. It was very unusual this year to see the cranberry colored and white trilliums come out at the same time. Usually, I see the reds and then look for the whites a few days later when the reds are looking bedraggled.

These are the magnolias in our front yard. The flowers are all very high in the tree but look beautiful against the bright blue sky.

Well, I left the sewing room alone today as it was so gorgeous out, I couldn't stand being left inside! I had to go grocery shopping, so I just took a 20 mile side trip to Marcia's to see how the ladies were doing in Pat Pauly's Slash class. They were all doing famously and I offered to guess whose piece was who's. I did fairly well. Barb Seils was trying to step out a bit from her usual so I switched her with Linda Bachman and I mixed Barb Magin with Charmaine Babineau as well but not too bad. As I have only been in one other class with Charmaine and didn't know Barb, I didn't feel too bad!!

These are some more of the flowers in my neighbor Joe's front yard.

These are the deep red trillium that bloom in our backyards also. In Batavia, NY where we lived for many years, there was also a variety that was pink and that was the most prevalent. I have yet to see a pink one in Rochester.

These three pieces are from the class. They are top to bottom Barb Seils, Linda Bachman and Charmaine Babineau. I think double clicking on any of these will give you a bigger picture and more detail.

The above are Priscilla Kibbee,Barb Magin, Nancy Hicks and then Marcia Decamp who was hosting the class in her wonderful studio.

This was a beautiful quilt top done by Barb Seils which her lucky nephew will be getting. He was very particular about the colors! It is my favorite pallette so I loved it!

And last but not least was the woodchuck that was out enjoying the April sun in the pasture. He was about a football field away but the telephoto did pretty good at capturing him! Marcia and Bill wish I could capture him for good as he has made a very happy home on their property -- he certainly looked well taken care of!

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