Sunday, April 6, 2008

Two More Quilts Almost Done!

Well, I am still mourning the loss of my camera but have spent quite a bit of time on the internet deciding what to buy next. The newer version of my camera is $400 less and has more features!! I am almost sold on getting that one but will wait for a bit as there may be an even newer version out before too long. In the meantime I resurrected my old Kodak and it is serviceable for quilt pictures but not much else!!

Well, my friend Teddy Ahern called me yesterday to tell me that the last of the three quilts I gave her to machine quilt were ready to be picked up. This first one was done many years ago using a nice Christmas poinsetta print and my hand dyed fabrics for the sashing.

This is a closeup of the quilting so hopefully you can see the poinsetta's that Teddy quilted into the quilt.

This is the second of the stack and whacks to get done. I have the main fabric in a different color that I loved but decided to do this one first in this colorway (not my favorite) to see how I would like the look of the fabric with the stack and whack technique. Now, I have taken the oath to do no more stack and whacks so the nicer one may never get done!!

I have no idea what I am going to do with either of these two quilts. They both are about double bed size but could be used as lap quilt I suppose. Neither of my kids is a big stack and whack fan. I still have to do the binding which is one of my favorite parts of quilting!!

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