Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Clean Enough for Me!

The view into the room! I can't see the floor anymore. For each project I have done, I pull more fabric from my basement stash and never return it. There have been a number of comfort quilts and baby quilts the past three months plus those three quilts I have to machine quilt.
Yes, there is a sewing machine on the table and I have used it despite this horrible mess!

As I have those several rather large machine quilting projects ahead, it was about time to do some major picking up in my sewing room which was totally out of control and not a pleasure to work in anymore!!

Off an on the past few days, I have picked up and moved and put back stuff that has accumulated on every surface! I didn't make any attempt to get into the fabric on the shelves or the table next to my sewing machine but that doesn't look as formidable now that there is some SPACE! I like organizing and reorganizing my fabric -- a great deal of visual and tactile pleasure out of that so that won't be a duty!!

I was relentless and have a HUGE bag of scraps and fabric pieces and leftovers from projects that will just be given away. I also threw things out that I just would never finish and which no one else would want as well -- actually THREW them out!


This is the view of my bookshelves with the fabric and a few miscellaneous books.

This is the newly cleaned off sewing table -- this will make that machine quilting a lot easier!!

And finally, this is the floor that you couldn't see in the above pictures!! It's not perfect, but clean enough to get some work done and not dread going up there!

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Priscilla Kibbee said...

Wow! I am obviously going to have to go out and buy more fabric. I am way behind.