Sunday, April 20, 2008

Summer in Rochester - April Style

Well, I should have said that yesterday was the one year anniversary of my blog! I managed to do 111 postings that first year and considering the amount of time I was without a computer, not bad. Of course, I had plenty of travelling to blog about and this year will be slimmer on that front!!

Anyway, spent much of today outside with camera and with a good book to read -- way too nice to be inside and this won't last -- this is after all Rochester!

Well all of the flowers above are these purple flowers that are some sort of perennial that pop right up in my neighbor's flower garden. They are all shades of purple and I am encouraging my husband to find out what they are so I can have some too! Double clicking will show them larger.

We have woods behind our house and we always get these bright yellow trout lillies (I believe that is what they are) as well as many of the purple and white trillium which will come a bit later along with the ferns which will uncurl!

I told my neighbor I would take pictures of his daffodils as well as they will be gone by the time he gets home from his vacation!

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