Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Warm Summer Day at Marcia's

Well, I finally got around to adding the beads and trims to my flowers from yesterday so here they are all dressed up and ready to go somewhere.
My first chore of the day was to baste the two sides of the Extreme Sampler Depression Sherbet quilt. I am going to machine quilt it in two pieces I think. I am still toying with some hand quilting as well. Suki of course decided she had to sit on the only part I hadn't finished pin basting!
These were some absolutely fantastic batiks that Priscilla had gotten in Napal many years ago. She had piles of them and will be making them into a quilt. Some of my hand dyed fabric is currently in the background but will be replaced with something else.
Well, Marcia finally put up pictures of her incredible orchids on her blog so I took some pictures with the new camera and include one picture for your viewing pleasure. She has a number of varieties and colors and they are all in full bloom and this one even smells nice!

Marcia is really making progress on her jacket. She has it sewn together now and just has to put in the lining and put on the bands in front (they are just sitting in the picture).

We almost got a smile out of Marcia!! Warren says she must be sick and tired of seeing us and is escaping to Ohio -- say that isn't so, Marcia!!
This is a jacket which Priscilla affectionately calls "just your basic blue jacket". It is gorgeous and you really should double click to see the detail. It has some wonderful beaded trim as well as the Seminole piecing and Hmong embroidery. Priscilla has been working on this one for the past month and it is just stunning -- one of my favorites!!

It was a most productive day for me as I managed to get both sides to the Depression quilt basted and got my second Yellowstone Angel Terrace piece basted as well. I used some of the new Fairfield cotton/poly blend batting but I think as soft as it is, that it shed cotton which was getting on the backing and making the basting very difficult as the tape would just not hold it down. Well, we shall see as I plan to quilt the heck out of it anyway!!

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