Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back to Usual - Sigh...

Well, other people have earthworms show up in their driveway after a heavy rain -- not me though.  I came out the other morning and these small snails (which looked like marine snails to me) were all over the street and driveway.  They didn't look like the ordinary land snails that I see in the garden so I took their picture and then tried to identify them.

Many hours of online searches and an email to my Audubon guy didn't get me any closer.  I sent the photos to Warren and in less than five minutes he had found it!!  I couldn't believe it!!

It is a Decollate snail and was imported to keep down the population of regular old brown garden snails and slugs which it likes to eat.  So it is invasive but not harmful.  It can only exist in the more temperate zones although it buries itself when the weather gets cold.  

While I was off trying to meet Colin, Warren was taking his regular beach walk and came upon this very unusual specimen.  It is the remains of a very old clam shell but the inside is just coated with  golden Calcite crystals.  Warren found several similar to his online for sale on Ebay and various other places.  It is quite heavy and looks like something you would buy in the store -- amazing find.  Usually you find them in fossil digs.  Irene must have whipped up some things from down below.

Warren talked to the ranger the next day and he was very excited about Warren's find and wanted to include it in their museum down at the park.  Warren thinks he may donate it.  People came back into the museum (who had been leaving) to see Warren's find.

This is another picture of the snail with his long extended grey body.  It looks like the tip at the other end is broken off but guess they rub them off. This one was on the street.

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