Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Duck Soup....

Got a big kick out of all the ducks hanging out together giving you a good view of all the mallard and black duck varieties -- left to right, Pekin (domestic white) duck, female mallard, an Indian running duck (domestic non-flying duck), an American Black Duck, a White Crested (domestic) duck and then a male mallard.  A few minutes later, an American Coot swam by as well.

These are the first of the American Coots on the scene!  There were three altogether today but in another couple of months there will be a huge flock on the lake.  You could tell the lake was being pumped out again.  It is either because of the algae bloom or a fear that the tropical system heading our way will cause flooding here again.

These were really far away but I think they are White Winged Scoters from the white patches on their face but I could be wrong here.

I think this is a female Blue Winged Teal but could be very wrong here.  In another picture, there is a distinctive light blue wing patch.  Hopefully I will get pictures closer as time goes on.  Let me know if I am really off base here!

There was one other duck which I think might be a Lesser Scaup from the shape of the head (and the fact I have seen lots of those here).  Last winter, I think I saw almost every domestic duck native to the area, even some of the more  unusual ones.

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