Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finally......We Digress.....Colin Firth in Arthur Newman, Golf Pro

Well, thanks to getting my "heads up" on where they would be filming around Wilmington, I decided to see if they would be there as scheduled today (it rained pretty hard and they have rain days for outside scenes).  I must have timed it just right (they said anytime from 6 in the morning until 9 at night on the sheet I had.  I got there about 1:30 in the afternoon and they were obviously just filming the scene and it included Emily Blunt and Colin Firth.  I sat in my car across the street and aimed my camera out the back window!  I honestly felt like the paparazzi.  There was absolutely no one paying any attention to the filming.  Colin disappeared as soon as the scene was ended.  He was on his phone anytime he wasn't in the scene.

Emily and Colin talking with the crew in the foreground.  There is a Mercedes convertible that is also part of the scene.  This was shot on Market Street in Wilmington.  

You can see the overhead microphone and the guy with the camera down below.  There are soooo many people involved and so much equipment for even simple scenes, it is amazing.

Just like the movies, Scene X, Take X on his little digital sign.

Not quite a full smile here but unmistakable jawline and hairline.  These were the best I could do from such a distance!

The sun finally did come out.  Here you can see Colin discussing something with one of the crew or producer?

I must say that Colin in person looks nothing like the Colin on the screen.  I can understand why people don't recognize him on the street.  He is quite tall and very thin and still very attractive but different than his screen persona.  I can honestly say that I would not recognize him if I saw him walking down the street.  When I first started taking the pictures, I wasn't sure if it was even him!!  It definitely is though -- his walk is a giveaway.

So it looks like I won't meet him in person to say thanks so maybe a fan letter after all!!  Still one more day of filming in the streets (tomorrow).  Can't wait to see the film now!!


Betty said...

Awesome pics! Thanks SOOOO much for sharing.

Betty said...

Aaargh! Leaving comments on blogger is such a pita. Have tried 3-4 times. Sorry if any duplicates!

Thanks for posting the lovely Colin pics. Am super-jealous, but wish you the best of luck in your papparazziing tomorrow.

Vicki W said...

I want to come down there tomorrow and stalk him with you!

Diane said...

Wow! Thank you so much for the pictures, they are fantastic! Lucky you! :)

happytowrite said...

So lovely! oh my word. You got so close.

happytowrite said...

Oh my word. You've got some lovely pics. How wonderful.