Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some Miscellaneous Birds and Butterflies

Your standard garden variety Monarch but I thought particularly nice sitting on the Painted Daisy down at Ft. Fisher.

Like the above, a nice Gulf Fritillary which I have seen quite a few of lately.  This must be the north end of its range.

The Northern Mockingbirds may be the Florida state bird, but they are everywhere here.  This one wanted to pose for me.

A Semi-Palmated Plover that I saw on the mud flats by the USS North Carolina which we toured (more tomorrow).  Oops, my sister tells me I mis-identified -- it is a kildeer -- should have known!!

A particularly nice looking Great Egret from the USS North Carolina on the Cape Fear River.

Not a great picture, but with another one, enough to identify a beautiful Red Tailed Hawk being chased by a crow.  Hard to get this picture.

This was a oyster boat returning and he had a lot of friends following him!  This was taken on the Cape Fear River at Carolina Beach State Park.

Last but not least, I loved this image of the Great Egret against the background of Downtown Wilmington -- what a city of contrasts.


Gail Baker said...

No need to post this - your semi is a Killdeer.

Tracey said...

Love your connection to nature. Ever considered submitting something here? You seem to be very inspired :)

Scotkat said...

Great photos a real joy to view .