Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Arthur Newman, Golf Pro Set in Downtown Wilmington

These are from the day I met Colin Firth.  I was amazed at the amount of equipment that they had.  The entire street was filled with trucks and even two identical cars that they were using in the "shoot".  There were probably 50 crew members as well.

One of the Mercedes convertibles on the set.  The other one was being used for some driving scenes as it went up and down the side street several times.  I am looking forward to seeing this scene in the movie.

You can't even see the little house where they are shooting for all the reflectors they have set up.  It is a small cute house on the corner of the street.  Again, you can see all the crew and commotion.  I am not sure I will ever look at a movie the same way again!

Colin and Emily seem to be relaxing and chatting between scenes here.  That big light was used later on to simulate sunshine outside the house (while the action was going on inside).  She is really pretty and of course he is just gorgeous!  The weather was perfect this day although got a little cooler after the sun went down -- I was there a long time!!

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