Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Day of Marvelous Marbling!

Well, we had a brief hiatus from marbling as the black fabric I had carefully scoured, alum-ed and then ironed was awful! I must have rolled some permanent press part poly stuff on my old Joann's black fabric. It felt a bit slimey when I was dumping it in the alum and it didn't take the color well at all so there went about 8 yards of black fabric which I will just dump as I can't imagine what good it will be!

So back to square one and found some tried and true Kona black as well as some black pima which then had to be scoured, etc., etc. Of course rain reared its head so I couldn't hang the stuff out on the line until yesterday.

I was rewarded today by some interesting pieces though! I was primarily going for just dark blue/blacks again as I think they will make great water when mixed with other fabrics. As I easily get bored, I switched to purple for one and for greens for another. Those were both kind of interesting! The nice part about working on the black fabric is that I will have lots of dark darks which always perk up a quilt (imho).

Also took possession of the quilt I won in the silent auction for the Women's Health Partnership. It was one of my favorites and imagine my surprise when I opened it up and the back is almost as beautiful as the front. This quilt was done by a group of women from the various Mormon congregations in the Rochester area. They had NEVER done a quilt before but drafted their own pattern from a stained glass window in the Palmyra Temple. I couldn't resist bidding on it as it was so lovely and I LOVED the story about how it was made! Now I just have to find a place to hang it as it really should be seen! You have got to double click on this second picture to see all the quilting on the back!

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