Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jacket Class - Day 2

Suki and I have not reached an understanding yet about whose chair it is in the studio. She seems determined to be sat on by me!

We had a great day today and it was fun to finally meet the second Marcia who I have heard so much about from Marcia number one! She hung out with us today as we continued working. Of course Nancy Hicks is WAY ahead of anyone else!

Well, this is the beginnings of the front of my jacket. I took most of today piecing the Seminole patchwork in the center. Double click and you can see it closer. I also painted the white spots in the Hmong embroidery on the left turquoise to tone it down.

This is Janet's wow second iteration of her jacket. The pattern is wonderful and her colors are fantastic and really show off that lovely mola (I have one like it as I loved the colors).

This is Pat's which is much further on now but didn't get a recent picture.
This is Claire's piece which is shaping up nicely!

Here is our overachiever Nancy who will have her vest done by the end of tomorrow and probably ready for our RAFA meeting!

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