Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Black, Blue and Beyond -- More Marbling and a Spice Bush Swallowtail

Always easily amused, I followed this swallowtail from butterfly bush to butterfly bush in Joe's garden. I have seen lots of Monarchs there as well as moths but this is the first of this species. When sitting outside reading, I always have my camera close at hand unless an intersting bird passes by! From my searches in my father's books and on line, I found it is a spice bush swallowtail!

The big tray reached bottom this morning and is very deeply blue
colored after a day of marbling yesterday. I cleaned up the that tray and moved the size to a smaller tray but not before I got a couple of nice prints! I am back in love with marbling on black again. Some of my favorites from the last time were the browns that I did on the black using a mix of transparent and opaque paints. This time I used a variety of blues (Createx, Golden and ProChem) and a variety of opacities and came up with some black and blue pieces that I reall like. I think I am going to try to do some other colors in this monochromatic kind of way. This is way too much fun!

This was one of the fat 3/8ths that I did. It looks better in person I think as it is much darker.

This is one of the smaller pieces I did later on also on the black fabric.

This was my favorite of the pieces I did I think!

This was done on white fabric but the size is so blue at this point, there is no white fabric which shows at all. Again even the small tray has reached bottom so I will have to make up some more size on Thursday. I already "alum-ed" up a bunch more yardage of black and white fabrics so I will be ready!

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Vicki W said...

Your butterfly photographs are excellent! You should submit them to a magazine. The fabrics are awesome! There's so much depth of color. Kudos!