Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jacket Class - Day 3 - The End is Near

Suki and I still have not negotiated a peace around the use of MY chair in the morning. She seems to still think it is her place to sit!

Well there is a reason for the blog to be named as it is -- we decided that overall the tame nature of all our garments would lend themselves best to a funeral -- I even elicited a pledge that if I died soon, that they would all wear these very appropriate jackets.

This is the first of our funereal garments -- Pat Berardi's jacket back!

This is Janet modelling her toned down, very staid funeral costume!

And here is Mary Payne showing off the back and front of her garment -- the lime green looks downright conservative next to some of the other choices in the class!

Here is Claire working on her jacket. She got to try it on right before we finished for the day and it is still too big despite reducing it by about 10 inches already! It is a gorgeous jacket and Claire says it WILL be ready for her upcoming trip back to Germany. She hasn't been there since she left under less than ideal circumstances when she was a very young child. She told us some wonderful stories of what has transpired that should make this trip a joy and help erase the horrible circumstances that precipitated her family's move to the US.

This is Nancy Hicks' jacket which now has a Seminole bracket on the front. The pictures hardly do it justice!
This is the first iteration of the back of my garment which hadn't changed since Day 1 until ....

Here is the front of the garment all trimmed up. I am definitely liking it and thinking it is a wonderful use of my Elin Noble fabric!

This is the final iteration of my back as I removed one of the molas and then it was three. You forget with garments that you don't see the side sections as we don't normally walk around with our arms held out from our sides like the letter "T". When I had tried on the jacket, the molas all disappeared! I really had fun yet again with this class and know more of Elin's fabric will end up in jackets in the future!

Thanks Priscilla! For more on Priscilla's wearables and classes, see my links and then go to her website from there!

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