Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Relaxing Day at Marcia's

Our next door neighbor's butterfly bush attracks many butterflies and moths and I spent some time just taking pictures as they passed by!

Pictures will be a little sparse (I let both batteries for my camera die!) but Priscilla has already posted a whole bunch at so you can at least see me modelling my new jacket which is almost done. I used a piece of fabric from Elin Noble as my base and then added molas an Hmong embroidery from Priscilla and then a bunch of my own home dyes to finish it off. I put a purple silk lining in it and some buttons as well!

I brought this fabric in for our mini show and tell. It is a piece of Merimekko that I bought a few years ago at an antique dealer's booth. It is dated 1971 and I loved the colors. What really surprised me was that the repeat on the pattern was at least 54 inches!! I have never seen one that large. I have 2 1/2 yards of this and I will make something out of it someday!

Priscilla and Pat are adjusting Pat's jacket which was just wonderful. Pat is shortening it a bit but they got the shoulder pads in. Priscilla has already filled her next two classes! These three day classes are so much fun and just how often do you get to have classes with a world class wearable artist!

This is the front of Pat's jacket with Marcia's quilt in the background. Marcia was doing trapunto to many of the jet trails and it added a wonderful affect.
This is early on in the development of Priscilla's newest jacket -- the cow jacket. Above the big cow is a "cows on vacation" fabric. I was able to supply the "solid" green you see from my stash that I had with me and it was a perfect match!

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