Thursday, August 21, 2008

Camping at Fair Haven State Park

Fair Haven State Park is about an hour east of Rochester and an hour northwest from Syracuse and nestled right on Lake Ontario with access to Little Sodus Bay and the Sterling Pond.

Well, just got back this morning and can't believe how sleepy I am! So this may not get published for a bit! This was the view from our campsite. We were up high from the lake and had spectacular sunsets!

Here we are layered up around the very excellent fires that Bill produced each night. We would have been very cold without them! They kept all the mosquitoes away as well! The first night was relatively warm but the ferocious thunderstorms that came in on Monday cleared the air of all heat and humidity and I don't think it reached 70 the next two days.

This is Arliss who is the yellow lab that Bill and Debi share their camper with along with two other black labs -- Hunter and Daisy. They certainly enjoyed the outside.

This is one of the many flowers around one of the ponds in the park. I believe it is some type of mallow. There were a lot of wild flowers and lots of birds as well. We spotted an osprey and Debi thinks she saw a bald eagle as well.

This was the beach area the second day after the night of roaring surf and awesome thundershowers -- yes, we slept in the tent through it all -- well, not exactly slept! The tent didn't get a drop of water despite a huge downpour most of the night on Monday. The beach was not open for swimming on Tuesday but it was far too chilly anyway.

This was the sunset the first night after the storm. We thought it couldn't get better than this until the next night!!

This was early the on Wednesday night. The sky was lavender on top moving to a bright red at the bottom. I have never seen such beautiful sunsets over Lake Ontario before!

This was just after the sun set with the lone sailboat in the foreground.

More of the sunset -- it was pretty spectacular and there were no clouds at all!

It was good to get home and showered and get the van unpacked. Warren is glad to see our kitty who is none the worse for wear!

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