Monday, August 4, 2008

Jacket Class - Day 1

Well, this is my third class with Priscilla working on jackets. I always learn something new and am beginning to feel more at home with the process -- should after three times - yathink!

I took two jackets to work on. One is another version of the Rag Merchant pattern which I used for my "Las Vegas" jacket and the other is using the "butterfly" jacket which is an old vest pattern long since out of publication with Vogue. I made a "jacket" from this last winter and just loved having it and wearing it. It seemed ideal for the beautiful Elin Noble fabric that I bought while in her class -- I bought far more than I should have but already have two people who want to meet with me should I find the need to give any of it up!! It is just too beautiful and perfect for clothing.

This is the beginnings of the front of my jacket. I am using the Elin Noble Fabric interspersed with my own hand-dyeds and some random molas and other textiles purchased from Priscilla.

This is the back of the jacket which I really wanted to highlight Elin's fabric as it was so beautiful. I am also going to couch on some yarns I found last night.
This is the beginnings of Claire Welch's jacket. She started with a jacket that two of her could fit into but Priscilla convinced her to go smaller.

This is Priscilla and Nancy HIcks beginning to work on Nancy's back. Nancy works so fast, the back is almost finished now!

This is Pat Berardi working on her brightly colored jacket. Note the Seminole work sitting on the side of her brand new sewing machine.

This is the beginnings of Marcia's jacket which is really nice.

This is the beginning of the back of Mary's jacket -- she is making the same one I am but with obviously different fabrics.
This was the first iteration of Janet's jacket back but she is giving up on this one. I know Janet's will turn out wonderfully as she does such beautiful work!

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