Friday, August 15, 2008

Women's Health Partnership Auction and TV

This is the link that will take you to the segments which were on the news this morning:

This was the tv van. When I first got there to Harmony House (where the silent auction is and from where they were televising), the satellite dish was extended about three stories up!

The culmination of almost a year of work is this weekend with the silent auction of the wonderful art quilts made by many women in the Rochester area. You can see most of the quilts on my Picasa site or on previous blogs.


These are a few of my favorite quilts. The one on the left was done by a doctor at the University of Rochester Medical Center and the one on the right was done by the women from the Mormon congregation in Palmyra. It is based on a stained glass window in their temple. The one on the bottom right is by our own Pat Pauly.

This is a closeup of the stained glass one done by novices at the Mormon church. Can you believe it?? This was a late entry so I hadn't photographed it before.

Surprisingly, there were a few more today that I hadn't seen before and this one was just stunning! This is an amazing exhibition of works both from noted art quilters and many who are unknown in the local quilt community but who are obviously doing wonderful creative work!

We had a treat this morning and the local ABC television affiliate (WHAM-13 and CW-16) did several segments live from the quilt show with our charming local anchor Norma Holland doing the interviewing. It was so nice to have someone from outside "get" it and be able to communicate what we were doing succinctly. She was absolutely delightful and spent almost 2 1/2 hours with us this morning just talking and learning about the quilts and quilters when the cameras weren't rolling.

I got to appear in two segments although it was so early in the morning (I had to get up at 4 and put on makeup -- something I haven't done probably since my last tv appearance on Simply Quilts!). I have no idea if I even said anything on the first ( I didn't and there is just a camera glance at me) but was doing the "white glove" thing. Norma focused on my "Las Vegas" jacket I was wearing for the second segment I was on which is the fourth segment that is on the video above (Called Part 3 of the Quilt for Life Challenge on the Morning News)! All I appeared to do was giggle but guess that is par for me! Norma says they keep the segments up for a long time although I suspect I will need to find another link to them at some point.

My pictures barely do Norma justice. She is an extremely attractive young woman who is as vibrant and lovely in person as she is on the 12:00 news which I always watch. She is talking here with Donna Noble, another local quilter and a very close friend of my pal Peg.

This is Norma in front of the Webster Guild's beautiful quilt.

This was Norma again right after a live segment.

Now to just get some sleep!!

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