Thursday, August 7, 2008

August RAFA Picnic

This is the Liberty Lodge in Finn Park in Webster where we met today. We think it will be an ideal site for dyeing or painting classes or workdays.

Too bad we didn't have more people as this is a facility to die for!! It is nestled in a woodsy setting although in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. The lodge is large and had picnic tables, ceiling fans and nice tables to work at inside (none of those picnic benches inside!). Many of us bought our work from QBL to share as well as a potluck lunch.

This is the doll that Val Schultz made as a result of a doll class with our own Julie Brandon, dollmaker extraordinaire! I am only sorry that I didn't get a picture of the wonderful blueprinting that Julie had done! She had manipulated some images in Photoshop, made acetates and cyanotyped some fabric. She was painting them today with Dynaflow -- really cool stuff!

This is Donna proudly (and she should be) showing a piece from her QBL workshop with Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer. We had her for a workshop for the group a number of years ago and all loved her. Donna started this piece in the shibori day I did a couple of months ago. She first dyed it with sun yellow, then clamped and it was overdyed in one of my multicolor mixes. She then discharged it using a silkscreen, Thiox and some turquoise MX dyes mixed together. Isn't it nice? I seem to remember that it was done either on cotton velveteen or a no cord corduroy -- probably the velveteen knowing Donna's penchant for unusual fabrics!

These are a couple of the pictures that were created out of the Lura Schwartz Smith and Kerby Smith workshop that Caren Betlinski attended. The images were just beautiful and done on an Epson printer. In the background are more of Donna's pieces piled up. She ALWAYS thinks outside the box!

You need to double click on this one to see the fabulous quilting that holds this piece together. This is a piece by Marcia which she machine quilted with a heavy Sulky multicolor thread. It gives the illusion of no quilting in some places. It is really awesome in person!

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