Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Almost Done for Awhile...

Ah, my favorite for the day -- a pull on a pale lavender piece of fabric. I had dumped every color I had left from yesterday somewhere on this piece and I always seem to like those best.

No saving this one I am afraid. The very dark dyed splotch in the middle is still a very dark splotch in the middle but probably I can use if I "crop" it down. You can see the colors I used in the small right hand corner which was off white on the cloth.

This was a pretty disgusting piece of dyed (rusty color) fabric that I had discharged using a shibori technique. It discharged to a moldy yellow (probably had golden yellow and basic blue somewhere in that mix to make the rust). It is okay now but not great.

This was just all the primaries thrown onto a piece of reddish purple old hand dyed (Joann's cotton from the old days). When I first started dyeing, I used a lot of the cheap cotton they sold. It dyed pretty well except there were always thread impurities in it which is why it was probably never colored to begin with! I like using blue as a background color as everything else always looks like it is floating on top.

At the beginning of each day I usually take a print from the size of the colors that have been left on from the night before (which weren't sucked up by the print). You get some interesting formations and lately I haven't had any scraps of white but this turned out fairly well on this dark brown fabric.
Have made one more part bucket of size as hopefully that will be enough to finish off the fabric I have alum-ed. The stuff I did today is even uglier if that is possible and will get cut up into small pieces or thrown out (heresy).
I even cleaned up the sink in preparation for doing some dyeing before we head off camping in August. Now just have to get the paints cleaned up and the frame put away for a couple of months.

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anne said...

I really want to see what you are going to do with all these fantastic fabrics!