Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer has Arrived (Finally)...

If I thought it would last more than a few days, I would take out my tables and set myself up for dyeing outside to take advantage of the humidity and warm temps. It will probably just drop back to fall weather in a day or so though!!

The marbling of the uglies that I have treated is almost complete. It really is a lot more challenging than simply playing with the white or black surfaces!! There have been some happy accidents and some that nothing will retrieve! (It's bad when your wipe up cloth looks better than your fabric!)

Found another item to add to my list of "50 Ways to Know you Have Been Dyeing too much"( I spotted a kitty litter plastic container in my neighbor's trash and now it is mine!! It is one of the high ones (40 lb Scoop Away) which will be great for some shibori (which I what I think I am going to do when I get the dye buckets up and going). A lot of my best plastic containers have been culled from the neighborhood trash on my early morning retrieval of the paper. Have I no shame? I even have others searching for the extra large plastic buckets that pool chemicals come in! Too many buckets are short and squat which is not great when you have fabric squeezed on a pole and want to get as much of the pole in the dye bath as possible!

These are the continuations of the over-marbling. The stripey ones look good on both sides -- don't know which side of the fabric I like better!

Two out of the three of these are unique pieces and one is the back side of one of the others!

I do like last one. The dyed piece it was on wasn't bad but was really missing something. I like the subtle swirling color in the background and the swirls of black on top.

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